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“I’ve been building things my whole life.  Always encouraged to repair rather than replace, I became mechanically inclined at a young age.  Born with an allergy to text and a youth filled with the great outdoors, I have always gravitated towards shape, sound and movement.

I was first drawn to metal by my grandfather, the pipe-fitter.  Intrigued by his metal finesse, and surrounded by his many projects, I was lured in.  Staring at the fire, and witnessing the magic as the molten metal danced around him has indelibly burnt itself into me.

Following in his footsteps, I was fortunate to serve my apprenticeship in a large pipe fabrication shop and spent years as a pipe-fitter.  The ease at which large pieces of metal could be formed into limitless objects fascinated me, and the metal soon became an affliction.  These years of metal fabrication gave me a firm grasp of steel.  I unfortunately found the conventional uses littered with boundaries.

Urged to apply my metalworking skills to art, I produced my first sculpture.  This new found form of expression was exhilarating.  I had stumbled onto the creative freedom that I was searching for.  Having now spent the better part of my life working with steel, I am incurably hooked.  It’s strength and versatility afford me the liberty to take a piece in almost any direction”.

David Mudgett